August 2010 The 4017 Bar and Grill opened its doors for the first time as a pub.

This beautiful old building has been here since 1887 in operation as a Post Office. She underwent some massive changes in the lead up to changing into her current form but a lot of character has been retained.

As a pub, Sandgate has seen the name change a few times, The 4017, The Chandelier Bar and Grill and into what it is currently, The Sandgate Post Office Hotel. We hope to keep this name in operation for many more years to come.

As much as we would have loved to have a birthday party the current world circumstances are not permitting, perhaps a belated birthday when things ease is in order. However, in the mean time, we ask that you share with us your favorite memories of this gorgeous venue, as either a post office or more recently as a pub.

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